hoots|one – how it works.

  • selection of various sensors
  • individually made for your car
  • easy to install and retrofit
  • preconfigured, no calibration needed
  • easy to install
  • suitable for on board power supply 6V and 12V
  • use up to 12 sensors simultaneously
  • connected to your mobile device via Bluetooth
  • real time display of your engine data
  • set individual limits
  • active warning
  • long term data storage

hoots|one – a closer look.

Get an overview of all important engine data on your mobile phone or tablet – without additional instruments. 

Bluetooth®- comfortable and easy 

Your mobile device automatically connects with our the hoots|one – making tangled cables a thing of the past.

hoots|one automatically detects the preconfigured sensors. Each sensor is individually manufactured for your vehicle – guaranteeing the highest quality and easy installation. 

Whether you want to check your cars’ location or simply save the scenic route you’ve taken: hoots|one  has got you covered.

Leave the monitoring of your classic car to hoots|one – thanks to integrated acceleration sensors you will be alerted before the theft happens.

Conveniently check the onboard power supply, your cars engine status on recent trips, or detect component wear. It’s all safely stored within the hoots|cloud – wherever you are.

hoots|app & hoots|cloud – easy access to your data

Check the oil pressure, document your recent trips or activate the theft warning function – it is all in the hoots|app and hoots|cloud. 

Find out more about what makes hoots  so special.

real time data display & alerts

You want to know the exact oil pressure? Or if the original tachometer works accurately? No problem – the hoots|app has it all on display. Select between timeless circular instruments or diagrams – whatever suits your needs, it is all on available on your phone.

Set individual limits for your engine. That way, you will not miss a defective alternator regulator or thermostate. The hoots|app  warns beforehand.  

  • TIMELESS DESIGN — circular instruments with retro flair
  • ALL EYES ON DETAILS — structured bar charts
  • SET YOUR LIMITS — use the sliders to adapt them
  • ACTIVE WARNING — sound and vibration will warn you when you’ve breached the limits

Active theft warning – before it actually happens!

Highly sensitive acceleration sensors coupled with intelligent software allow you to monitor your vehicle when you are not nearby.

Simply activate the anti-theft warning system via hoots|app – when our system detects a tremor(door opening, jacking up, window smashing, …), you will be warned by phone right away.

  • thieves cannot trace the device in stand-by
  • tracks vehicle movement/tremor
  • self-sufficient power supply using an internal battery
  • (de)activate in the hoots app
  • active warning on your mobile device
  • trace location wit GPS

The digital logbook for your engine – for businesses and private use

Different scenarios, one solution: whether you simply left your phone at home, a friend borrowed your car, or you are restoring and renting classic cars as a business – you can track recent journeys in the hoots|cloud. That way, you can access the data anytime you need to – without the need to be physically close to the car.

  • data transmission using an integrated SIM card
  • long term data storage on German servers
  • worldwide access (internet access neccessary)
  • compliant with GDPR
  • list of journeys to the day
  • extensive statistics and analysis options
  • convenient vehicle management

Available for iOS  11.0 or higher as well as Android 5.0 or higher

username: Demo@hoots.de |  password: Gast1234

hoots|sensors – a broad selection for your car


with Lambdasonde on request
hoots Lambdasystem Sonde und Controller
  • cable length accoring to your needs
  • thread diameter M18x1,5
  • high-temeprature resistant cable

Soon you can monitor the correct functioning of your engine while you are driving. Thanks to our standardised lambda sensor hoots | lambda you can detect lean or rich combustion immediately and thus protect your engine from incorrectly adjusted carburettors or injection systems.

 2 in 1 oil sensor

hoots classic oil, Öltemperatursensor, Öldrucksensor für Oldtimer, ölsensor ohne Öldruckschalter
  • cable length according to your needs
  • individual thread diameter
  • wrench width 27

You can monitor the oil temperature and oil pressure directly in the oil circuit with our hoots|oil 2in1 oil sensor. Simply put it between the existing oil pressure switch/oil pressure transmitter or an oil line – with a brass adapter tailored to your vehicle, the sensor is installed in no time at all.

RPM sensor

hoots RPM Drehzahlsensor für Oldtimer vor dem Einbau, Drehzahl Zusatzinstrumente nachrüsten
  • cable length according to your needs
  • individual for number of cylinders
  • no tools needed

No matter if it’s a single cylinder motorcycle or 16 cylinder pre-war race car – using hoots|rpm, the exact rpm of your engine is just a few steps away. Simply connect the sensor to a main ignition cable and set the right number of cylinders in the hoots|app – and you are ready to go.

temperature sensors

hoots Temperatursensor TEMP für Oldtimer Zusatzinstrumente nachrüsten
  • cable length according to your needs
  • high temperature sensor (up to 400°C/752 F)
  • coolant sensor (up to 170°C/338F)

Our temperature sensors  hoots|temp allow you to measure any temperature at your engine or vehicle. Whether it’s coolant temperature, component temperature, cylinder head temperature or exhaust gas temperature (available soon) – we have the right sensor for many temperature ranges.

GPS antenna

hoots GPS Antenne für Tachometer, Geschwindigkeit, Fahrzeugortung, Diebstahlsicherung
  • cable length according to your needs
  • integrated battery
  • no tools needed

With our external GPS antenna hoots|GPS you can track the exact position of your vehicle* – simply position it at a suitable spot using a magnet and the location and speed will be displayed in the hoots|app.
(*hoots|PRO required)

hoots|one – the details

Bluetooth® LE

integrated SIM card

variable on-board power supply(6V & 12V)

internal battery 
(stand-by up to 6 months)

(up to 12 sensors simultaneously)

Aluminium case
(black & silver)

splash-proof and dust-proof

variable mounting
(magnet, bolting)

Which hoot|one package is your perfect fit?


incl. 3 sensors

  • 3 sensors of your choice (except Lamdba sensor)
  • Bluetooth®
  • quick view
  • real time display
  • warning when limits are exceeded
  • vehicle management

(You may upgrade to hoots|PRO at any time.)


incl. 4 sensors


including 24 months online access

  • all features of hoots|one LIVE included
  • GPS antenna
  • GPS location
  • active theft warning (24 months)
  • cloud access (24 months)

(subscription for another 24 months is €239)

Do you have any questions?

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